Victims of DWP and ATOS

Victims of DWP should be remembered. Some of these facts are heart breaking…for those who have a heart and don’t view people’s personal lives as marks on the impersonal lenses of statistics.

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Victims of DWP and ATOS

In Memoriam

Mark Wood
Mark “VULNERABLE and fragile” starved to death four months after most of his benefits were stopped and he was left with just £40 a week to survive on

Brian McArdle;
Brian was paralysed down his left hand side, blind in one eye and unable to speak properly. Yet he was declared fit for work. Brian collapsed of a heart attack because of the stress of losing his benefits.

Mark Mullins and Helen Mullins:
Mark and Helen Mullins were found lying side by side in their home after committing suicide together.They had been left destitute after Helen had her claim for benefit turned down,they had no food, no heating and no electric.

Richard Sanderson:
Richard Sanderson, of Southfields, south west London, committed suicide after receiving a letter from Wandsworth Council informing him his housing benefit would be cut by £30 a month.

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